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TraxaMED™ from Sample Tactics, LLC is your clinic inventory tracking solution.

We offer Web 2.0 (Simplicity with Power and Flexibility) technology, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) that is thoroughly modern in its delivery, price, and value. With ever-tightening State Pharmacy Guidelines and strict Joint Commission Sampling Standards, managing a sample closet can be a nightmare. When the management of patient medications is too informal; patients, physicians and their staff may be at risk.

TraxaMED can be used to allow continued use of Sample Medications if your clinic provides samples. In these challenging economic times, well-tracked sample medications may be considered the fiscally responsible way to determine the best medication for a patient.

However, it is critical that when you provide samples, you provide the required labeling and tracking. Sample dispensing data must be immediately retrievable in the event of a recall.

TraxaMED™ makes it easy!

TraxaMED™ was designed with ease of use in mind. Current methods of tracking sample meds, nurse station stocks, and even the narcotic safes by using clipboards or excel spreadsheets are methods of the past. With TraxaMED™, your staff can easily track all the medications and a simple order entry screen with drop down menus will allow doctors and staff to quickly and easily enter all needed information in a matter of seconds.

Does your clinic currently track anything in spreadsheets, or worse yet, by hand? Does this report look familiar?

Use today's technology to make your tracking neat, concise and easily reportable with TraxaMED.
Imagine running an inventory report within minutes versus hours or days of counting and sorting - TraxaMED can do this and more!

Contact us now to schedule a demonstration of TraxaMED - your inventory tracking solution.

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